Senior Cat Keeps Pawing at Window in Shelter Until Someone Takes Her Home.. (with updates)


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This kitty was 13 years old living a shelter life. Whenever someone walked by, she ran up and started pawing at the window, begging for some love. She kept hoping until someone would take her home.

Courtesy: Tabby's Place

Sienna the cat was turned to the Tabby's Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey after her human passed away. She missed having a loving home and a companion so much that every time she heard someone go by, she ran to the window and begged for attention.

As a senior cat, she has so much to offer.

Courtesy: Tabby's Place

Sienna spotted a visitor, so she waved her paws up and down the window, asking for love and attention. She missed her human so much.

Courtesy: Tabby's Place

When they tried to pet her, she pressed against the glass window, desperately trying to receive the love.

"Pet me and love me please!"

Courtesy: Tabby's Place

We shared her story on Love Meow after seeing these heart breaking photos, hoping someone would scoop her up and love her and spoil her....

The day Sienna met her forever human.

Terri came across the story of this affectionate tuxedo and knew there was only one thing to do - visit the cat sanctuary and give the kitty a place to call home.

When she came to Sienna's suite, the furry lovebug made a beeline to Terri, placing her paws on the window that separated the two and started her 'dance' routine. Terri reached out her hand to meet Sienna's paw, and that was the last time she danced at the Tabby's Place.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

A year ago yesterday, Sienna moved into her forever home. She was renamed Chloe, and quickly became the queen of the house.

She hasn't stopped purring and cuddling with her human since. Some days Terri doesn't get much done because Chloe wants that extra TLC from her mom. "She is worth it. It is the small things..." Terri said.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

She may be a senior cat, but deep down, she's still a kitten at heart, as playful as she can be.

Chloe decides that the clean towel bin is the most suited for sitting, and she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

She 'helps' her human mom in the kitchen and often gives her purrsonal advice on her cooking skills. Chloe is the best critic in everything.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

Every night she snuggles up to Terri before she goes to bed and wakes her up lovingly with her purrs and meows in the morning. Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat like Chloe.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

Today Chloe is 14 years old. They just celebrated their one year anniversary of the day they found each other. Nothing makes her happier than having a loving home and a forever human whom she can share snuggles and lap time whenever she wants.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

Watch Chloe the love bug in this cute video:


Chloe has found a new sister, Ella, who was also rescued at 13.

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

Beautiful Chloe happy and loved!

Courtesy: The Diva's Cat Shaming Page

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