12 Year-old Cat Who Was Neglected, Receives Love And Can't Stop Hugging His Rescuers...


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A 12-year-old deaf cat, who has been neglected, is so happy to receive love that he can't stop cuddling with his rescuers, his new family.

This sweet old boy was in desperate need of a loving home. At 12 years old, he had been longing for attention and love.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

"He was being kept in a garage in Texas and clearly he has been neglected at some point," Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary told Love Meow.

After they picked up the kitty, he clung to Poplin, cuddling in her arms and didn't want to let go.

"From the moment we took him out of his travel cage, he has been 100% attached to us, me mostly but he really likes my husband too. I can't even leave the room without him hollering for me. My heart is so full."

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

They welcomed the sweet kitty into their cat sanctuary where he will spend his golden years in peace and comfort. The kitty is missing some hair, has a few rotten teeth and needs some help cleaning his fur coat, but he is absolutely in love with his new family.

"He's the single most affectionate old man I've ever, ever come across. He is so happy for me to love him and he's been nothing but air biscuits (happy feet, 'kneads' the air) and head boops all day. He is a little rough around the edges and totally deaf, but this is the best thing on the planet."

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

It's been less than a day since the kitty moved into his new home, he hasn't stopped the cuddle-fest.

"We are pretty smitten, and we only met him yesterday. Talk about a perfect match," Poplin told Love Meow.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

The sweet boy is meeting other resident cats at the sanctuary, but his favorite thing to do is to snuggle in Poplin's arms while making air muffins.

"He'll bounce back to a handsome, healthy fella in no time I just know it."

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

He was never given a name before Poplin took him into their loving home. If you have any name suggestions let us know in the comments.

The sweet kitty is loving his big family and all the cuddle time he shares with them. He is so happy to know that he will never be alone any more.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary

Share this story with your friends. Follow this sweet old boy and other resident cats at Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary on Facebook. They provide life-long care to disabled, special needs, and elderly cats. If you would like to support their rescue efforts, click here to see how you can help.

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