Shelter Cat Finds Man She Loves and Tries Everything to Get His Attention.

Shelter Cat Finds Man She Loves and Tries Everything to Get His Attention.


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This shelter kitty just knew it when she found her forever human.

She did everything she could to catch his attention and steal his heart.


A sweet Siamese mix found herself at the shelter looking for a forever loving home. She was taken to the adoption center at Petsmart, hoping to meet potential adopters and that's when she came across a young man who worked at the store.

When the store employee stopped by to say hi to the shelter kitties, this friendly Siamese came right up to him and made herself noticed.

She kept pawing on the glass window of her kitty condo as the man approached as if to say "pick me!"

The persistent little feline made it a mission to get the young man to adopt her. And the guy didn't stand a chance!


The employee brought his girlfriend to the store to meet the kitty. As soon as they opened the cage door, the Siamese hopped into his arms and wouldn't let go.

"We knew she was the one because she jumped right into my boyfriend's arms, and wouldn't stop purring," reddit user sarapefasthorse told Love Meow.


The adoption took about a few days to complete, and during that time, the couple visited her every day and their bond only grew stronger.

Her name is Pork Chop. "She responds to her name and it is so her."


"She has made herself very comfortable in our forever home. She loves snuggling and exploring and she's very vocal and talkative to everyone," she told Love Meow.

Pork Chop adores her humans, especially her dad. She's his most loyal furry friend.


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