Kitten Crashes Campers' Tent and Chirps At Couple for Cuddles

Kitten Crashes Campers' Tent and Chirps At Couple for Cuddles


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A couple was out camping when they heard something that sounded like a bird. They were surprised to see a tiny stray kitten chirping at them for attention.

Meet Birdy!


A year ago, a couple went to Detroit Lake in Oregon for a camping trip. "On the way there, the campgrounds were full so we drove on this off-road... into the woods and kept going until the road ended," imgur user auntlarry said. "There was a perfect camping spot that fit us."

A couple hours after they set up their tent and got everything ready for bed, they heard this chirping noise from a distance.

They thought it was a bird at first, but the noise kept getting closer and louder. Soon they realized that the sound was close to camp. The guy reassured his girlfriend that it was just a bird. He said, "the last thing it could possible be is a kitten."

An hour into their sleep, they woke up to loud chirping sounds near their tent and the boyfriend grabbed a flashlight, shone it towards the noise and revealed a little fluff ball chirping at them.


It was a kitten, a friendly little stray who somehow found her way to the couple's tent. That night the little feline decided to hang out and stay with her human friends. She cuddled with them and took over their bed like she owned it.

When they were ready to head home, they couldn't leave the kitten out alone in the woods. And it looked as if the kitten had already chosen them. So they took her along and welcomed her into their loving home!


The couple introduced Birdy to her new big brother, Bob, who is also a tabby. She was a bit nervous at first and climbed on her human dad's back for some comfort.

But soon Bob won her over with his gentle loving heart. The two became bonded friends.


A few weeks after they found Birdy, the adventurous cat went on a trip with her humans to the beach in Pacific City, OR.

She loved the adventure and enjoyed being carried on her human's shoulder like a little princess!


She blossomed into a beautiful tabby cat!


Birdy and Bob are inseparable friends.

"They love each other."


It's been a year since Birdy found her humans in the woods.

"She is still a sweet chirping little Bird."

Happy and loved!


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