Cat Saved Man from Burning House

Cat Saved Man from Burning House


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Andrew Williams, an engineer, now owes Hugo, his neighbor's cat, for saving his life from his burning house. Williams was sleeping while the fire sparked by an electric fault. The fire alarm was removed during a previous house decoration.

Hugo is a regular visitor who comes to the house through a cat-flap. The day of the fire, Hugo came into the house, jumped on William's chest and went on swatting at his face in order to alarm him of the fire.

Mr Williams said: "I was woken up with Hugo sitting on top of me clawing at my face. He was trying to wake me up.

"The fire chief said that I had better buy the cat a big piece of fish because he saved my life.

"I'm just so thankful to that little fella."

- Cat Saved Man from Buring Home, BBC News UK


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