Cat with Sweetest Face and Gentle Heart Determined to Live Full Life After Being Found Abandoned

Cat with Sweetest Face and Gentle Heart Determined to Live Full Life After Being Found Abandoned


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A cat with the sweetest face is so happy to be on the mend after being found abandoned on the streets.

khy, cat, special needs, nose, sweet faceMilo's Sanctuary

A kind couple from Northern California came across a cat that had been abandoned in a neighborhood. When they began to feed him, they noticed that his nose was starting to swell.

The cat's condition quickly worsened. He lost his appetite and was in desperate need of medical attention. They rushed him to the vet and discovered that he had cryptococcus, a fungal infection caused by inhaling the fungus outdoors.

The couple knew that they could not provide the specialized care he needed, so they reached out to a rescue for help. Milo's Sanctuary was then contacted, and sprang into action to bring the little guy (named Khy Shadowstryder) into their care in Los Angeles.

khy, cat, special needs, nose, sweet face, strayMilo's Sanctuary

"When he arrived at Milo's, he was very sick, emaciated and felt so bad physically and mentally. It was hard to tell his true personality. The entire left side of his face was so ulcerated and infected that he just sat curled up," Michele Hoffman, president and founder of Milo's Sanctuary, told Love Meow.

They immediately started him on treatment for both cryptococcus and the left side of his face. Despite being so frail, Khy hung in there with all his might and showed so much gratitude whenever he was being cared for.

Milo's Sanctuary

"His will to live was amazing. He had that spark in his eyes that told me he wanted a change, and he wanted to live. So I told him that I would be by his side and fight right along with him."

With painstaking care and plenty of love, Khy perked up and began to heal and gain strength. Once he was ready for surgery, they had his wound properly debrided and treated.

Milo's Sanctuary

"After a visit to the vet, medications, lots of love and TLC, he started to feel better. We kept telling him how handsome he is and that he is loved and safe," Michele shared with Love Meow.

As Khy continued to improve each day, his personality emerged. He became more active and curious, and insisted on giving everyone he met some snuggles.

khy, cat, special needs, nose, sweet faceMilo's Sanctuary

As it turns out, Khy is quite the love-bug. "He loves to cuddle with other cats, humans, or even a pillow. He loves his food and treats and is slowly learning how to play with toys."

Milo's Sanctuary

Watch Khy in this sweet video:

Khy the cat from Mile's

While he is doing much better, Khy will need life-long care, treatment and support to ensure the best quality of life.

"He still isn't healed and has a ways to go. We don't know if his nose will ever go back to cat-sized, but that's okay, because we love him just the way he is."

khy, cat, special needs, nose, sweet faceMilo's Sanctuary

Khy has joined the Lifetime Care program at Milo's Sanctuary and befriended many other long-term feline residents. He has been showering everyone with his signature kisses.

If there is a cat right in front of him, he will walk up to give them some face rubs. He comes running if his caretaker calls out to him. The sweet boy is eager for love and never wants to miss out on any pets and head snuggles.

Milo's Sanctuary

"He's super sweet and gentle, loves tummy rubs and kisses. He's still a little shy and reserved but we have no doubt that he will be begging for treats and attacking catnip toys very soon," Michele told Love Meow.

khy, cat, special needs, nose, sweet faceMilo's Sanctuary

Despite what he has gone through, Khy continues to love and has so much to give. "We couldn't explain how amazing, sweet and gentle he is."

Milo's Sanctuary

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