Kitten Found on the Streets Has the Sweetest Face and Family to Help Her Thrive

Kitten Found on the Streets Has the Sweetest Face and Family to Help Her Thrive


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A wobbly kitten with a cleft lip is so happy to find the perfect family after she was rescued from the outdoors.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

A tiny kitten was found alone outside during a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project last month. She was brought to Meow Village, an all-volunteer feral cat rescue in Aurora, Oregon, for a chance at a better life.

"A (TNR rescuer) spotted her while out trapping cats for spay and neuter. It was obvious that the kitten would need extra assessment. A few calls were made and she was in the arms of a Meow Village volunteer within hours," Meow Village shared with Love Meow.

The kitten came with a cleft lip and was a bit wobbly when she walked. Selina, a foster volunteer of the rescue, didn't hesitate to help. "Meow Village never turns away critical or special needs kitties if at all possible."

cute kitten, cleft lipDesirae @deez_3_flamepoints

After a warm bath to remove all the pesky fleas, the little bundle of fluff instantly felt better. She dozed off in her new, comfy bed with a full belly, making up for lost sleep.

"This kitten has a loving sweet spirit. She eats and drinks just great, and it took no time for her to learn the litter box," Selina shared.

kitten, cleft lipDesirae @deez_3_flamepoints

After seeing a specialist, the kitten was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain), blindness and ataxia (neurological condition). She will likely show more symptoms in the future as a result of her condition, and require specialized care. Despite her circumstances, she is happy and not suffering in any way.

While she was at the veterinary hospital, Desirae, a staff member, fell head over heels for the little girl.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

"I could not stop thinking about her and what a terrible hand she was dealt in this life. She's sweet, loving and playful. I knew I had to help her, so I offered to take her in as a hospice adoption (and the kitten would have access to around the clock vet care)," Desirae told Love Meow.

"We want to give her all the love we have to give in the time she has!"

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

They named the sweet kitten Penelope Fern, and the bundle of joy quickly settled into her new abode. It didn't take long for the family to discover her penchant for food, cuddles and toys.

"She is tiny but don't let that fool you, her appetite is mighty. As soon as she smells her food, she will let you know how hungry she is and won't stop eating until her plate is clean," Meow Village shared.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

Being mostly blind doesn't stop her from doing things just like other kittens. Penelope can see some light and shadow, and she does very well navigating her world. "She can kind of see the laser pointer and she loves it!"

Watch little Penelope Fern in this cute video:

Penelope Fern the

The kitten always holds her own when she plays with the resident cats.

"Her personality is amazing. She loves running so fast like a little lightning bolt, chasing around her brothers and sisters even though she's so very tiny," Desirae shared with Love Meow.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

"She loves playing with all of her toys and loves climbing the throw pillows on the back of the couch and jumping off like superman."

But most of all, she is a professional cuddler and makes sure that her human dad, Danny, is not alone when he is home. "Every time Dad is relaxing on the couch, baby girl is right there with him."

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

As of now, Penelope Fern is happy, healthy and thriving.

Her family is equipped and ready to provide care for the deserving little girl and will fight alongside her to ensure she gets the best quality life possible.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

"She's just like a normal happy kitten despite her medical conditions," Desirae added.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

The sweet kitten has melted so many hearts that have come her way. She never stops and continues to live life to the fullest.

Desirae @deez_3_flamepoints

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