Kitten with Mesmerizing Face Jumps with Joy After Leaving the Street Life Behind

Kitten with Mesmerizing Face Jumps with Joy After Leaving the Street Life Behind


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A kitten with a pair of mesmerizing eyes is so happy to never have to live another day on the street.

kitten with big eyesLenny the kitten with big round eyesCommunity Cat Club

A Good Samaritan from New Jersey found a stray cat and her kittens in their neighborhood and tried to help them. The mother cat sadly didn't survive the elements of the outdoors. The kittens were then taken to a local shelter as they needed medical attention and a foster home.

Sara Sharp, founder and president of Community Cat Club (a cat rescue in South Jersey), saw their plight and immediately offered to help. The kittens were in rough shape and one of them was just half the size for her age. Despite their very best efforts to save them both, the smaller kitten lost her fight.

Lenny, the sole survivor, pulled through with incredible might. When he met Sara for the first time, he looked at her with his wondrous eyes and was eager for her attention.

big eyed kittenLenny the kitten was found in a neighborhood of New JerseyCommunity Cat Club

Even during the time he was sick and lethargic, Lenny tried to play and let out a few purrs with the little strength he had. With painstaking care, the kitten perked up and quickly put his new-found energy to good use. "As soon he felt better, he was so playful and always purring," Sara shared with Love Meow.

While he was in foster care, Lenny showed some neurological symptoms. Despite it all, he refused to let anything slow him down.

He was friendly from the startCommunity Cat Club

Lenny is fascinated by all the new things around him and has inspected every nook and cranny he can scour. He likes to hop around the room and jump up and down the bed like he owns the place.

"He is seriously such a character. He cracks me up all day long with his little face. He loves to run around like a wild child and also loves saying 'hi' to my dogs," Sara told Love Meow.

He is very playful and always on the goCommunity Cat Club

When Lenny discovered his own reflection in a mirror, he made his battle stance and raised his hair up, trying to appear large and scary. He jumped back and forth around the mirror, in an attempt to catch the little "imposter."

Watch Lenny in action in this cute video:

Lenny the

Lenny is determined to live a full life despite his neurological issues. He wants to get involved in every activity he can find, and enjoys every second of his kitten-hood, without a worry in the world.

He plays to his heart's content and fills the space with his rumbling purrs.

He turns into a little ragdoll when he is heldCommunity Cat Club

When he isn't busy creating antics, he stops by his humans and gazes at them intently with those big round eyes. The little supervisor-in-the-making has perfected the art of staring.

Community Cat Club

With the help of volunteers at Community Cat Club, Lenny is getting the best care and all the love he needs to thrive.

"He is having the best time, and I am determined to help him live his best life," Sara shared.

Lenny loves his new life as a happy indoor catCommunity Cat Club

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