Woman Came to Shelter and Found Cat with Perfectly Asymmetric Face Staring at Her

Woman Came to Shelter and Found Cat with Perfectly Asymmetric Face Staring at Her


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A woman came to the shelter and found a cat with the perfectly asymmetric face looking at her. She just knew!

Piddles the cat with a perfectly asymmetric faceLauren Thomson

Lauren Thomson came to a shelter in Richmond, Virginia a few years ago, to look for a feline best friend. She had several meet-and-greets with some of the kitties, but couldn't feel the connection she was looking for.

"The last cat I had, picked me by swatting at my shoulder while I looked at another cat, and I was looking for another match like that," Lauren shared with Love Meow.

After meeting a few cats, she felt a pair of eyes looking at her and turned to that direction. "I noticed a (tabby) cat staring right at me with her squinty face and tongue hanging out, and I knew she was my girl."

Piddles the cat has the cutest squinty faceLauren Thomson

The tabby named Piddlesticks came to the shelter with a broken jaw. She was pregnant and rough around the edges. After a long foster journey and undergoing kitty jaw surgery, she was back to her happy self, sporting the cutest asymmetric face.

All her kittens quickly got adopted out to their forever homes. Piddles found herself waiting at the shelter for nine months, longing for her dream to come true.

Lauren Thomson

When she met Lauren on that fateful day, she had her eyes fixated on her, hoping that Lauren could notice her, and she did. That day marked a new beginning for the sweet tabby girl.

"On her first day home, I could tell that she was confused, but we bonded quickly, and she's been by my side ever since," Lauren told Love Meow.

Lauren Thomson

"She doesn't always want to cuddle so when she does hop into my lap it makes it even more special. She absolutely loves belly rubs and chin scratches."

At about nine years old now, the sweet tabby cat is still a kitten at heart. She relishes time with her forever human, enjoys feline entertainment by the windows, and likes to hang out on the screen porch, watching little critters while basking in the sun.

Lauren Thomson

She has the perfectly asymmetric face! Lauren shared a video of her cat, using the inverted feature on tiktok and quickly received over six million views in just three days.

Watch the tabby in this cute video:

Cat Who is Perfectly Asymmetricwww.youtube.com

"Since I've adopted her she's had to have most of her teeth removed, but she's a happy girl and lives a normal life. She is the most docile cat I've ever known," Lauren shared with Love Meow.

Lauren Thomson

She is sweet-natured and her little wink suits her perfectly as she is a constant joy to everyone around her. She will stretch her arms out in complete contentment and let her belly hang out for rubs.

Piddles makes the sweetest biscuits when she puts her paws on a soft blanket.

Lauren Thomson

"She had a pretty rough start. Now, she lives the good life doing whatever she wants, getting all the snuggles and napping all day long," Lauren said.

The tabby girl insists on supervising and "helping" her human whenever she is at the computer.

Lauren Thomson

"She is the sweetest girl in the world, and I can't imagine my life without her."

Lauren Thomson

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