Cats Make Purrfect Bedtime Snuggle Buddies and Here's Why


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When a cat decides to share your bed and snuggle you good night, it means love. They like to sleep on warm and cushy stuff particularly our tummies or necks to keep us furless humans warm.

When you do your bedtime reading, they'd nudge on your shoulder to read along or lie down on your chest to tell you what's more important.

When cats decide to be your nap buddies, it's the ultimate trust they can give by entrusting you as their forever pillow.

Watch the full video by Cole and Marmalade:

"We've had an open door policy," said Chris, the human dad. "Sure there's the occasional bump in the night and we're woken by the 'Marmalarm' a few times a week if he's hungry and we haven't woken up yet! … But we're rewarded with Cole snuggles and soothing purrs at bedtime so that works for us!" Follow them on Facebook.

Does your kitty like to sleep in the bed with you at night?

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