Driver Saves "Kitten" from Middle of Road and Discovers It's Not a House Cat

Driver Saves "Kitten" from Middle of Road and Discovers It's Not a House Cat


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A few good Samaritans found a "kitten" on the road and immediately stopped their car.

The driver ran into the traffic in hopes to get the animal off the road, but soon discovered that what they found wasn't just any kitten.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

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Upon closer investigation, they quickly realized that she was a wild cat with a short tail and feisty nature.

"When this little bobcat was separated from her mom, and found in the middle of the road, good samaritans turned her in at a clinic in the middle of the state," Big Cat Rescue wrote.

Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa Florida, came to pick up the bobcat who was not too thrilled about being transported.

"Even though handling her is difficult, it's exactly what we want for her. She needs to see humans as the enemy if she is going to survive in the wild one day."

She was a bit underweight, but was otherwise doing fine.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

In many cases, wild animals relocate after their natural habitat gets developed due to urbanization. During that time, young wild cats easily get lost from their mother and siblings.

They don't know exactly how this bobcat kitten got separated from her group, but she will get a chance to be rehabilitated.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

They named her Spirit Feather. "Feather was a tribute to our blessed Little Feather, but this little bobcat showed us that Spirit just had to be part of her new name."

This 2 and a half month old bundle of energy will stay at Big Cat Rescue for three months before she's ready to be released.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

The staff gave Spirit Feather a friend, a stuffed animal squirrel, to cuddle with when she naps and plenty of cardboard boxes for her to play with.

Over night, she can tear up a large cardboard box into pieces - a truly feisty little one.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue continues to educate the public about big cats while helping animals like Spirit Feather rehabilitate and get back on their lives.

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

Update 1:

"Our rehab baby bobcat, Spirit Feather, goes to her outdoor enclosure. She's getting big and is hunting her own food. She will be a great candidate for release when she is ready."

Courtesy: Big Cat Rescue

Update 2: Release day!

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Last update: October 27, 2017

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