Fin and Sophie the Affectionate Kitties

Fin and Sophie the Affectionate Kitties


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Roxanne Cooke adopted two lovable white kitties into her home. "They are just about the cutest and most affectionate kittens I have met," said Roxanne.

Fin and Sophie are very affectionate. They love to cuddle together in the cat tree. "our kittens continue to share this basket even though they are too big to both fit inside. One will end up on top of the other," said Roxanne.

The kitties love to explore the house, jumping onto things. "The kittens have taken to jumping from my dresser to the bed canopy. We have this mesh material over the top of the canopy, and Sophie likes to jump into it when she's up there. Makes for entertaining photos!"

"The kittens have discovered the bathroom faucet, and running water. They're both still a little too timid to drink from the stream, but they'll lick what collects on the drain. They're mostly very curious about how it works."

Fin and Sophie are very loved by their family. They often cuddle with their parents and give them head bumps and kisses.

"We are so glad that we have such affectionate kitties!"

Photos courtesy of ©Roxanne Cooke (flickr: Roxanne Cooke, Roxanne's photos and blog. Fin and Sophie were adopted from Itty Bitty Kitty Committee).

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