Woman Showed Frightened Pregnant Cat Love, Now She Loves Her Babies the Same Way


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A kind-hearted foster parent showed a frightened pregnant cat love. Now she loves her babies the same way.

Meet Olivia!

Courtesy: foster_kittens

"Her name is Olivia and she's about two years old," Cindy of foster_kittens said. She was surrendered to Seattle Humane Society.

When Olivia arrived in her foster home, she was due to have her babies very soon.

Olivia was very frightened and was hiding most of the time, snuggling under a warm blanket. "But it's nothing that the combined powers of salmon and the strawberry house can't cure," Cindy said.

Every day Cindy tried to get just a bit closer to Olivia by talking to her softly and petting her with so much love. Olivia began to purr and let her foster mom pet her.

Then one day, this happened...

Courtesy: foster_kittens

In order to help Olivia stay as comfortable as possible throughout the birthing process, Cindy prepared the house for the soon-to-be mom. "I set up a couple of closed off spaces for her."

"A happy mommy means happy kittens! The more used to me she is, the more she'll let me help if she needs it," Cindy added.

2 weeks after she came to her foster home, she welcomed four little fur babies into the world.

Courtesy: foster_kittens

"I made this!"

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Olivia's motherly instinct kicked in, and she began to nurse, clean, and snuggle with her babies around the clock.

"How can something so small take up so much room in your heart?"

Courtesy: foster_kittens

She let Cindy help her with her babies. That's a lot of trust from a cat mama.

Olivia and her Evie.

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Meet Evie (Tortie), Winston (grey), Leo (ginger), and Albert.

Courtesy: foster_kittens

One and a half months later, they blossomed into fluffy little kittens!

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Albert and Winston sneak a snack every time mama Olivia sits down.

Courtesy: foster_kittens

There's always that one friend....

Courtesy: foster_kittens

Mama giving her little olives baths and cuddles!

Evie is defeated by bath time once again.

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