Hero Cat Stories

Hero Cat Stories


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Cats are wonderful pets. Not only do they add so much fun and joy into our life, they also do incredible things to get us out of trouble and even save us from danger.

Last week, a deaf lady from the Salt Lake City was saved from a fire because of her cat.

"...she was sleeping and suddenly she couldn't breathe. She says her cat was going crazy. When she saw a ball of flames, she busted out her bedroom window." - abc4 News

A beautiful wide-eyed orange and white cat found termites and alerted his owner who eventually called Pest Control to save the house.

"A week went by and she noticed Tom 2 often staring up at the same spot. When Macaluso shined a flashlight over the area that held the cat's attention, she saw a thin, round line of clay on her ceiling and immediately called pest control. Tom 2 had detected termites." - Grinnett Daily Post

When the exterminator came, he was amazed by how Betty (the house owner) figured out where the termites were. She smiled and pointed to her cat. Betty is also a deaf person who relies on her cats as her own ears around the house. They have developed such a close bond. The cats understand that she is deaf. When it's play time, they gently tap on Betty with their cute little paw to signal that they want attention.

In my personal experience, my very first cat helped me through a difficult period of time. He was an angel to me and my parents. Now I have Flip who is so dear to my heart.

What pets can do to humans is indescribable. Cats have a special spot in my heart. If you have any stories that you'd like to share with us, feel free to do so in the comment area.



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