Hyperactive Ninja Kitty

Hyperactive Ninja Kitty


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This is one hyperactive kitty. His name is Jake. It seems there is no end to his energy - jumping over a shower wall, prowling around in the rooms, attacking his buddy, Monni, and climbing up a screen door. This kitty not only looks like a little black panther, he acts like one.

Click play to check out the video. You can check out Monni's video here.

Jake is a brown/sable burmese cat that was born on the 21st of January 2007. He is very hyperactive and loves to run around at lightening speed. Always wants to play with his favourite feather wands, tunnels, and any bug or moth that comes inside usually doesn't leave alive. He is incredibly affectionate and loves cuddles! His favourite sleeping place is on some ones lap and he is a very friendly kitty. He loves to play with our dog Billy. - Sazzabell

Image via Sazzabell

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