Kitten Gets Back on Her Paws After She was Found Outside Alone

Kitten Gets Back on Her Paws After She was Found Outside Alone


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A calico was found outside without a mom. A Good Samaritan scooped her up and rushed to get her help.

calico, kitten, cuteHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

Two weeks ago, Haley Waugh, a foster volunteer of Front Street Animal Shelter (in Sacramento, California), received a message about a tiny kitten who was found outside by a restaurant — she was all alone.

Haley already had several rescues in her home and wasn't planning to take any more kittens, but she couldn't say no. "The person who found her contacted me because she wasn't sure what to do," Haley told Love Meow.

"The kitty was a bit of a mess — she had an upper respiratory infection, was underweight, dehydrated and covered in fleas."

calico, kitten, rescueHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

When she brought the kitten home, the first thing she did was to clean off all the fleas. She gave the calico a much-needed bath, combed out the flea dirt and wrapped her up like a purrito.

"I got her set up with a fluffy blanket and heating disc. She started purring instantly when she tucked herself in."

calico, kitten, purrito, rescueHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

The kitten was given antibiotics and steam treatment aka "kitty spa" or "kitty facials" to help her fight the congestion.

After a small setback, the little calico was determined and didn't mind the tube-feeding. She eventually pulled through, got back on her paws and started eating like a champ.

calico, kitten, cuteHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

Her appetite improved as soon as she could breathe normally again and regained her sense of smell. She would scarf down the food to her heart's content.

"She has been on antibiotics and her URI is clearing up wonderfully. She is the sweetest kitten. She purrs and perks up as soon as she hears my voice," Haley told Love Meow.

calico, kitten, bottle, feeding, cuteHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

"She loves her bottle and other animals. If I set her down she runs all over the place until she finds a human or other furry friend to hang out with."

The little kitten had a lot of catching up to do. Haley fed her through many sleepless nights, and she finally began to fill out.

calico, kitten, cuteHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

"Her ears are growing faster than the rest of her body," Haley added.

Watch the calico kitten in this cute video:

Calico kitten and her foster

The sweet kitty is a total love-bug and so happy to be cared for. She is getting more aware of her surroundings and more adventurous and curious every day.

She enjoys excising her little legs, waddling around the room while finding her footing.

kitten, dog, cuteHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

"Currently, her favorite thing is to run around on the bed and look over the edge to see what my pet cats are doing," Haley shared.

"If my dog is with her she will trot and follow her everywhere she goes. She's still a tiny kitten, just under half a pound, but tries her best to keep up with the big kids!"

cute, kitten, calicoHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

The orphaned kitten is thriving in foster care. She's getting a chunky belly that she's so proud to show off.

The Good Samaritan who found her, has fallen in love with the calico, and plans to adopt her once she's big enough.

cute, kitten, calicoHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

"I'm happy to be the in-between place where she gets to grow and become a healthy kitten," Haley told Love Meow.

Look at her rawr!

calico, kitten, cute, roar, rawrHaley Waugh @fosterpetsofsac

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