Kitten Waits With Cat Mom in Outdoor Shelter Till Someone Finds Them and Turns Their Lives Around

Kitten Waits With Cat Mom in Outdoor Shelter Till Someone Finds Them and Turns Their Lives Around


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A kitten and his mom waited inside an outdoor shelter till someone found them and turned their lives around.

tiny kitten, calico cat, Kenzo the only kitten and Lexi the cat momLittle Wanderers NYC

A stray cat and her kittens were found in an outdoor cat shelter in an area in Bronx, New York. The mother cat tried everything she could to keep her litter of kittens fed but didn't have the proper nutritious food to sustain herself.

When rescuers of Little Wanderers NYC arrived, two of her kittens sadly had passed, and another faded while they were on their way to the vet.

Kenzo the gray and white kitten became the sole survivor of his litter. He barely had enough strength to keep his eyes open, but he clung to his mom, hanging in there with all his might.

Little Wanderers NYC was determined to help this mother and son duo thrive. A foster family took them in with open arms, so the pair of them could start healing in the comfort of a loving home.

Little Wanderers NYC

Kenzo and his mom quickly settled into their new abode. They loved their comfy beds, blankets and various new toys. Lexi was so happy to have all the food available at her disposal and a clean nest to raise her single baby.

She was very thin and couldn't produce enough milk for her kitten. "We are supplementing Kenzo with round the clock feedings and trying to encourage Lexi to eat good nutritious food," Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

Little Wanderers NYC

In just one day, Kenzo put on 19 grams and gained a ton of energy. His appetite soared and he was moving around his nest with his new-found strength.

Kenzo is a tiny kitten but has the heart of a warrior. Now that he's gotten bigger and stronger, he's starting to explore a bit. Lexi the sweet momma keeps a watchful eye on her only kitten, making sure he stays out of trouble.

Little Wanderers NYC

She doesn't hesitate to coo to him to come to her, so she can do her mommy duties.

The sweet calico is coming out of her shell knowing that she and her kitten are safe. She showers her precious baby with licks and all the cuddles she can supply.

Little Wanderers NYC

With the help of rescuers and volunteers at Little Wanderers NYC, Lexi and her sole kitten Kenzo are getting the best chance at a forever home.

Kenzo will never have to worry about the elements of the outdoors and is fully embracing life as a spoiled, indoor cat. Lexi is taking wonderful care of him while getting assistance from her doting foster family.

Little Wanderers NYC

Little Kenzo has grown by leaps and bounds in just one week. He is working on his little legs (with white mittens), trying to venture out from his nest. He's hit several milestones in a short period of time and continues to make strides every day.

This fearless little guy is learning to waddle, and his personality is emerging.

Little Wanderers NYC

After a rough start in life, the mother and son are thriving in foster care. Kenzo still has a lot of growing and developing to do before he and Lexi are ready for adoption (a few weeks down the road).

As of now, he's enjoying his VIP life with his mom by his side, and loving humans to cuddle with.

Little Wanderers NYC

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