Kitten Cheated Death Goes from Little "Alien" to Gorgeous Young Cat...

Kitten Cheated Death Goes from Little "Alien" to Gorgeous Young Cat...


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A kitten was brought back to life by a kind family who found him lying motionless on the street. They took him home and turned his life around.

Meet Giovanni aka Gio!


When a kind family spotted Gio on the street near a small farm in Switzerland, he was "nearly dead". The kitten had a severe eye infection and a lot of trouble breathing. The kind folks that found him, scooped him up and took him to a friend who is a vet, to get him the help that he desperately needed.

The kitten was emaciated and could hardly open his eyes due to the infection. After getting treatment and a full belly of food, the kitten could finally get some shut-eye without worrying about hunger and shelter. Over the next few days, he rested most of the time to make up for lost sleep.

"He was sleeping a lot. His eyes were getting better," his rescuer said via imgur.


They set up a makeshift bed with plenty of blankets so the kitten could stay warm and comfy. With a lot of good food, meds for his eyes, and a ton of TLC, the little kitty started to come around.

His eyes were clearing up and his energy kept multiplying. As his appetite increased, he became more and more playful.


They got him some toys and he loved them and wrestled with them with his new found energy.

Three months after the rescue, the kitty has made an incredible transformation. He's now bigger and stronger, but mostly he's healthy and loved.


The kitten had a rough start to life, but with a second chance at life, he's thriving with love.

Snuggling with his forever human.


"He changed so quickly from an 'alien' to a young cat."

What a difference love can make!


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