rescued orphaned kitten refused to die

They Refuse to Give Up on Kitten Even When Others Don't Think She Will Survive, a Year Later..


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A tiny blue kitten was found during a heat wave in France in the summer of 2015. A couple heard frantic meows coming from underneath a dumpster.

They traced the cry and found a tiny newborn kitten in the trash.

Photo: LiedoePala

"The kitten was clearly abandoned as the street was surrounded with high walls without any stash for a cat to hide her litter. (The next day our coworkers said they had heard the meows early in the morning when passing by)," imgur user LiedoePala said.

The couple took the kitten to the vet and were given a grim prognosis. "The vet said the kitten was heavily dehydrated for three days and it would be very difficult for her to survive."

Despite what the vet said, the couple refused to give up. As soon as the kitten smelled kitten formula, she showed her humans just how much she wanted to live.

Photo: LiedoePala

She finished every drop of the food like a champ!

"After 24 hours struggling with a pipette she finally accepted to be bottle-fed! I fed her every 2 hours day and night."

Look at this little warrior fighting to live!

Photo: LiedoePala

After 10 days she opened her eyes!

She adventured outside her bed on her own for the first time, learning to walk and explore. Nothing could stop this little energetic fluff ball!

They named her Horcruxe!

Photo: LiedoePala

She caught her first prey!

"It's a happy meal toy. A small mouse-like plush with a big tail."

Photo: LiedoePala

She now runs the house!

"She has a habit of touching both of us whenever she can. If she sleeps on one of us, she uses her paw to grab the other."

Photo: LiedoePala

While the human mom is feeding little Horcruxe, her other cat Khajiit decides it's the perfect time to demand attention.

Photo: LiedoePala

Adopted and loved!

Snuggling with her best fur buddy at her forever home!

Photo: LiedoePala

"She is a ball of love! She follows us everywhere even to the bathroom, and will scratch the door until we opent it. She is always on our lap."

That little smile when she cuddles with her human mom.

Photo: LiedoePala

A year ago, they found her in the dumpster helplessly looking for love. Now they have her lying on their lap with her belly up and all fours stretching about.

She knows she's home!

Photo: LiedoePala

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