Stray Kitten Saved from Highway Doesn't Want to Stop Cuddling

Stray Kitten Saved from Highway Doesn't Want to Stop Cuddling


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A young woman rescued a tiny stray kitten from a busy highway in Colorado. After she got him in her car, he couldn't stop cuddling.


A young woman was on her way to work when she spotted a tiny kitten lying inside a lane past the shoulder. As soon as she saw the kitten move, she put her car in park, ran out into the traffic, and quickly scooped up the kitten before he got ran over.

She looked around for a mama cat and other kittens but the little guy was all alone. The kitten was very scared and latched onto his rescuer the whole time they were in the car.


"(The kitten) is completely healthy, no injuries besides a scrape to the whiskers area that makes me think it fell/jumped from a car," she said via imgur.

The kitten was super snuggly and didn't want to be anywhere but cuddling with his rescuer.


The kind young woman already had several pets in her house so she quickly searched for a loving home for the kitten.

A couple came forward and offered to adopt him. They named him Spook.

Checking out his new home.imgur

Right after the kitten met his forever human mom, he showered her with love and kisses. "He demanded so much attention, he tried to climb on my leg, so I picked him up, he continued to try and climb to get to my face... so I did bring him closer, and he gave me chin kisses!" Spook's human mom (@abisturbedone) wrote via imgur.

"Boy, he likes snuggling.. but a lot more than I expected!"


Spook follows his humans around the house and demands snuggles and attention. He's loving his new home.


"He also has a best buddy in his life, Felix. They cannot live apart ever since they first met. They wrestle every day... bath each other, they sleep and cuddle together everyday, anywhere in my house.

"We love him dearly... Looking forward for more years to come to watch him grow and being Felix's little partner in crime."

No more wandering on the streets or highway alone. Now Spook can do what he loves the most - cuddling with his family for life.


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