Woman Fought to Save Small Kitten from the Brink - He's Still Tiny But Mighty

Woman Fought to Save Small Kitten from the Brink - He's Still Tiny But Mighty


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A kitten was taken to the shelter along with his two siblings, needing rescue. He was much smaller than his age but had an amazing will to live.

Michelle Martello

Michelle Martello, a volunteer from Feline Hope (in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina), learned about the kittens' plight and rushed to save them.

"When she got there early the next morning, two kittens had passed," Lita Katulski of Feline Hope told Love Meow. The surviving kitty, Winston, was fighting to live. He was estimated to be around 2-3 weeks old but was only the size of a newborn.

Winston was severely malnourished, underweight, dehydrated, anemic from a flea infestation and covered in matted fur. After many baths, Michelle started syringe-feeding him to help him eat. She cuddled with him to sleep that night so the little one wouldn't feel alone.

Michelle Martello

It was touch and go over the next few weeks as Winston had a weak immune system, and the recovery was very challenging.

But little guy refused to give up.

Michelle Martello

When he started to decline, Michelle rushed him to the Emergency clinic where he was given fluids and medicine.

It was a long night keeping the kitten alive but Michelle was determined to march with Winston to the last.

Michelle Martello

The next morning, Winston bounced back and even made it to the vet for more fluids. He soldiered through all the treatments and medicine. Despite how tiny he was, he fought like a warrior.

The sweet kitten always leans on his Foster Mom when he naps. It's comforting to him to know that he's not alone.

Michelle Martello

Little Winston has really come around. He's now eating like a champ and learning to use the litter box like a big kitty.

Michelle brings him to work so she can keep up with his round-the-clock feedings. The affectionate bundle of fluff demands cuddles after every meal.

Michelle Martello

When he's in the office with Michelle, he runs around on the desk, trying to offer a helping paw.

Watch Winston's journey in this video:

Winston the kitten - a little fighter!youtu.be

"It is a long journey back to health when something has been that close to death for as long as he was. He only weighed as much as a newborn. He was a brittle sack of bones and his digestive track didn't work," Lita said. "Making it this far has been a miracle."

Winston is still the size of a sweet potato, but the little boy is packed with energy and purr power.

Michelle Martello

The warrior kitty is starting to learn to eat solid food and getting more playful each day.

It's hard to believe that he is the same kitten they pulled from the shelter. Winston has blossomed into a fluffy kitty with a big personality and lots of cattitude.

Michelle Martello

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