Kittens Cheer Each Other on As They Scoot Their Way to Warm Home

Kittens Cheer Each Other on As They Scoot Their Way to Warm Home


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Two kittens cheer each other on as they scoot their way to a warm home.

brother sister kittensPoki and Appa the kittensAbby Meltzer

Abby Meltzer, a foster carer based in Washington D.C. was contacted about a litter of kittens that had been brought into a shelter. They were just a few days old and in desperate need of bottle feedings.

"I picked them up the same day. There were three of them, and one sadly didn't make it," Abby shared with Love Meow. "I noticed right away that they moved oddly, mostly scooting from their back legs with their arms immobile at their sides."

Poki who was the bigger of the two, clung to his sister Appa for comfort.

bonded kittensThey were found outside at just a few days oldAbby Meltzer

Poki took to the bottle right away while Appa needed assistance to help her eat through tube-feeding.

Despite being so little, Appa was brave and adventurous, and wanted to explore outside her nest. "She may be the runt but she's ahead of the curve."

bonded kittensThey share an adorable bondAbby Meltzer

With supportive care and lots of love and encouragement, the kittens started filling out and getting stronger each day.

Despite having little mobility in their front arms, the kittens were determined to move around their nest. They used their torsos and back legs to push themselves forward, and even tried to zoom around in their incubator.

tiny kittenPoki the big brotherAbby Meltzer

"I did physical therapy with them five times a day. Around 1.5 weeks, they both started using their front paws," Abby told Love Meow.

"Once they got a little older their mobility got better but I noticed they were shakier than you'd expect for kittens of their age."

tabby kittenAppa was the runt of the litterAbby Meltzer

The kittens were a bit unsteady on their paws, but nothing could deter them from having fun. Appa the sassy one had a wide range of meows "from the silent killers to the mini meows to the proud lion roars."

Watch Poki and Appa in this video:

Poki and Appa the

"After every feeding I let them wander around for about 5-10 minutes outside the incubator to stretch their limbs and get them moving," Abby shared.

bottle kittensThey cheered each other on as they scooted around their nestAbby Meltzer

At three weeks old, the kittens graduated into their own playpen where they could scamper around and play to their hearts' content. Being a little wobbly didn't seem to bother them at all.

They were so thrilled to have plenty of space to run around, wrestle with each other and create all sorts of antics.

best friends kittensAbby Meltzer

"They were still wobbly at four weeks but we kept working on stretching their limbs and encouraging them to play and climb," Abby told Love Meow.

"Both kittens show signs of what is called Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome. It's where the chest cavity wall is essentially smooshed."

tiny talkative kittenAppa is tiny but has a lot to sayAbby Meltzer

While Appa has mild deformities which shouldn't affect her quality of life, her brother Poki has a more pronounced case and will be getting specialized care from the veterinary team.

sweet kittenPoki the sweet kittyAbby Meltzer

At six weeks old, they have blossomed into fearless, rambunctious kittens. Poki has mastered the art of climbing and never ceases to amaze his people with what he can do.

kitten cat treeHe is fearless and adventurousAbby Meltzer

The two siblings follow in each other's paw-steps and are so happy as a bonded pair. Poki is content having his sister by his side, cheering him on as he continues his journey to recovery.

inseparable kittensBest of friendsAbby Meltzer

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