Kittens Huddled in the Cold Near Busy Intersection See Their Lives Change Overnight

Kittens Huddled in the Cold Near Busy Intersection See Their Lives Change Overnight


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Three kittens huddled in the cold near a busy intersection saw their lives change overnight.

cute kittens cuddlesNadija

Early this month, a team of volunteers rushed to a gas station near a bustling intersection to rescue a few kittens living there.

"The temperatures dropped into the 40s, and seeing the kittens all huddled together to keep warm was heartbreaking," Nadija shared. "The gas station employee has been feeding the cats and even put a bed out to keep them away from the street and cars."

Together with her husband and a fellow rescuer, Kristen, they set out a humane trap with smelly food as a lure.

kittens huddled bushThey were found huddled in the cold at a gas station near a busy intersectionNadija

The kittens were wary and went into hiding at the sight of people. Due to the precarious location and the cold weather, the rescuers didn't want to leave them out for another night and kept trying until they secured the trio.

"After four hours, two trips to the gas station, lots of creativity, and moving the trap countless times, we finally got the third kitten just before midnight."

kittens cuddly armsAfter four hours, rescuers got all three kittens before midnightNadija

The kittens were about six weeks old, skinny and treated for wormy bellies and infected eyes. They were terrified but didn't have a mean bone in their bodies. With a comfy nest and food, they started to relax around people.

"They allowed handling as long as I moved slowly. They enjoyed the warmth, food, clean water, and cozy blankets and beds."

kitten eating foodNadija

For the first time, the trio slept soundly in a comfortable room with full bellies, away from the heavy traffic and bitter cold. The following day, they woke up with clearer eyes and noses, and their sneezing subsided.

"They were still very scared but starting to trust me and enjoy chin scratches."

kittens snuggly bedNadija

Allison, a foster volunteer, took the trio into her care to continue socialization. The kittens huddled in their cubby cat bed and were too afraid to venture out alone.

The striped tabby was so scared that he tried to hide his face with his paws when Allison reached out to pet him.

shy kittens huddledThey were very shy at firstAllison

"The hardest part about shy kittens is finding the time to help them feel safe and learn to trust. These kittens are young and just need a little love to start appreciating the good life," Allison shared.

Allison rounded up the kittens, placed them on her lap, and provided cuddle sessions throughout the day.

snuggly kittensWith cuddle sessions, they started to warm up to their foster momAllison

Slowly but surely, the kittens eased into lap snuggles. When one of them switched on her purr motor, the other two caught on and joined the symphony of rumbling purrs.

The trio started eating in front of Allison, feeling more comfortable in her presence.

tuxedo kitten cuteThe tuxedo girl is the most outgoing of the bunchAllison

"The fuzzy black and white girl has been the shyest since she arrived but is now purring in my lap. There is less stress in their eyes. They are learning how to be kittens."

Within two weeks, the trio has grown braver, spending more time outside their "cave."

tabby kitten playfulThe tabby boy has come out to playAllison

Enthralled by all the toys, they have started to play. Even the shyest littermate has joined in on the fun.

The tuxedo, the once-hissy one, has turned out to be the most outgoing of the bunch. She greets her foster mom, asking for pets and attention.

happy playful kittensAllison

With the help of many volunteers, these kittens will never know the pangs of hunger or the chill of homelessness. They are living the good life, and they deserve every minute of it.

happy kittens playfulAllison

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