Stray Kittens Find Someone to Love After They Were Saved from Storm Drain

Stray Kittens Find Someone to Love After They Were Saved from Storm Drain


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Two motherless kittens were found in a storm drain when someone heard their cries.

Liberation Cat House

About a month ago, Savanah Michelle, an Animal Control Officer of Orange County Animal Services (in Orlando, Florida), received a call from a concerned citizen who heard kittens crying in a storm drain.

She rushed to the location and began searching for their whereabouts. It was dark at night, which made the rescue mission more challenging. After almost two hours, she was able to get them out to safety.

The kittens were hungry and cold after the ordeal. Savannah immediately took them in to get them warm and started feeding them.

After a night of care, the kittens perked up the next morning with contented, full bellies.

Liberation Cat House

Danielle from Central Florida Foster Kittens took over the bottle feeding duties for a few days before the kittens were transferred to Liberation Cat House for the remainder of their foster care.

The feline sisters (Georgie and Penny) were bonded from the start. They kept each other close and cried for help together in the storm drain until they were found.

The kittens were a bit skinny but never lacked appetite. As soon as they smelled food, they were ready to chow down.

Liberation Cat House

"Their love for eating has not lessened," Jessica, founder of Liberation Cat House, told Love Meow. "Georgie and Penny have both been little love bugs since the day we got them."

Little Georgie quickly figured out the art of being a lap kitty.

Liberation Cat House

Every time they hear their foster parents, the kittens meow in unison and follow their humans around the room.

The little bundles of fluff like to snuggle on their faces, shoulders or nuzzle in their arms for a cuddle or a nap.

Liberation Cat House

Penny the little "panther" kitty is getting fluffier each day.

She adores her humans and will sneak a cuddle whenever she can for extra pets and lovin'.

Liberation Cat House

The feline sisters are inseparable and never let each other out of eye shot. "They're both super playful and a little mischievous."

Watch the two kittens in this adorable video:

Kitten sisters saved from storm drain thriving in foster

They scamper around the foster room, chasing each other, wrestling, playing with toys and creating all sorts of antics.

At the end of the day, they always curl up together when it's time to recharge.

Liberation Cat House

No one knows how they ended up in the storm drain, but the sisters kept each other comforted until help arrived.

They are loving their new life as indoor kitties and enjoying all the cuddles from their foster parents.

Liberation Cat House

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