Kittens Both Wobbly and Full of Life Won't Go Anywhere without Each Other

Kittens Both Wobbly and Full of Life Won't Go Anywhere without Each Other


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Both of these kittens are wobbly and so full of life. They won't go anywhere without each other.

best friends wobbly catsHuxley and LivvyKris Kaiser

Livvy (calico) and Huxley (tabby) came to their foster home along with their littermates for a chance at a better life.

They were born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) which causes issues with balance and coordination. Kris Kaiser, who specializes in caring for wobbly kitties, nursed them back to health with supportive care and plenty of TLC.

Livvy and Huxley were on the small side but showed an incredible will to live. They never stopped eating and tried hard to grow big and strong.

wobbly kittens snugglingThey were born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorderKris Kaiser

With good food and great care, they began to make steady gains and have more strength to move around and play. Being wobbly never seemed to deter them from having fun.

"Livvy and Huxley are your typical playful and happy young kittens. They just move a little differently duo to CH. While they get around very well, they do experience frequent falls," Kris shared with Love Meow.

kneady paws kittenHuxley likes to make "biscuits" in the airKris Kaiser

"Most often, young kittens seem to improve over their first year as they build muscle tone, and learn to compensate."

Livvy and her brother enjoy the company of their people, and will seek attention, chase wand toys, and snuggle up a storm. "Most CH cats have the same interests and needs of 'normal' cats, and they just move a little differently."

calico kitten toyLivvy has a big personalityKris Kaiser

Livvy and Huxley are two peas in a pod. Their bond has only strengthened since their siblings got adopted. They follow each other around the house, share their favorite toys, and cuddle up together when they nap.

The two best friends can use litter boxes like champs, so long as they have easy access to them.

wobbly kittens playingKris Kaiser

They appreciate stairs and ramps to help them get to the places they desire. With carpet or sturdy rugs, they can zoom through the house and get around much easier.

Watch Livvy and Huxley in this cute video:

When the two tire out, they curl up next to each other in a soft bed and knead away in bliss. "They are fun-loving kittens who don't know they are different."

bonded kittens wobblyThey share an adorable bondKris Kaiser

Huxley is the wobbliest and cuddliest of his littermates. He has a mighty spirit to make up for what he lacks in motor control. If he falls over while playing, he will immediately get back up and try again.

He and his sister share a beautiful bond that will tug at anyone's heartstrings.

wobbly tabby kitten huxleyKris Kaiser

They keep each other busy with all sorts of antics, learn new things together, and help one another burn off energy.

"Exercise helps build strength, and as young wobbly kittens build muscle, it almost seems like their symptoms improve as they are better able to hold themselves upright," Kris shared.

adorable calico wobbly LivvyKris Kaiser

"Livvy and Huxley have so much fun playing and exploring at the office with me. This really helps them be brave, confident, and social kittens. They love attention and can't wait to find their perfect forever home."

wobbly cats playingKris Kaiser

"The person who is lucky enough to adopt these two, is going to have so much love in their life. Livvy and Huxley are one sweet and adorable duo."

best friends wobbly catsKris Kaiser

Share this story with your friends. Livvy and Huxley are available in Minnesota. More on the sweet duo and Kris's fosters on Instagram @campwobblycat and Facebook.

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