Luna Has Been at Shelter for 11 Years. She's Become Big Sister to Other Rescue Cats

Luna Has Been at Shelter for 11 Years. She's Become Big Sister to Other Rescue Cats


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A beautiful cat, Luna, has been at the shelter for 11 years. She's roughly 13 years old and the tiniest adult cat they have at the shelter.

Luna is a caring and loving sister to her furry companions there and she absolutely adores her shelter family.


"She came from a home that had a few dozen cats. The owner died and they were all given to shelters in the area.

She was just completely feral for years, shying away from human touch. She's come around but you still have to give her a lot of time and can't pick her up. This is her home and she has developed strong attachments to the other cats," a volunteer from the Furry Friends Animal Shelter in Barrie, Ontario, shares the story with Love Meow via reddit.

"After volunteering for 2 months, she rubbed against my leg one day. So I reached down and pet her little head for the first time. My heart just melted right there. Now she'll come up to me for some love."

Luna is the smallest adult cat at the shelter, but she has a big heart!


"She has a very strong bond with the other cats at the shelter and some of the staff. She seems to enjoy herself here.

She has her group to hang with and is not a leader. There is a cat named Flash aka Big Momma who is the heart of the back room at the shelter."

Luna snuggling with her buddies.


Luna has this caring nature for other rescue cats just like her. She seems to understand them and is always there to offer a purr when they need some love.

"She is one of my 2 favorites out of 200 cats. I thought about adopting her but now that I know her situation better I understand this is her home. She loves her kitty family here."


"Little Luna is a pretty lucky girl. She has a large open space to live, natural sunlight and a breeze on a warm day, plenty of food and fresh water, kitties that she has known most of her life that are now family, and is loved and cared for by an amazing group of volunteers.

My hope is that people who read stories like Luna's will be inspired to help out their local shelters either by adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering."

More info: Furry Friends Animal Shelter in Barrie, Ontario | Facebook


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