Man Took Cat Out of the Shelter and the Cat Hasn't Stopped Cuddling Him Since


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A man took a rescued cat out of the shelter and into his loving home. The kitty hasn't stopped cuddling with him ever since!

Meet Mulder the cat and his forever human Adam!

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

"Mulder was a kitten when he was found on the streets of New York City, already neutered, abandoned by someone. He had conjunctivitis in both eyes that, left untreated, had covered both eyes in a film and blinded him. The ASPCA vets treated him with anti-viral drops and helped restore most of his vision," Adam, Mulder's human dad, told Love Meow.

Adam's beloved cat, Simon, passed away earlier in 2011, and when he went to the shelter to look for a new furry companion, he met Mulder.

"When I saw Muldy running and playing with the other kittens at the shelter I got excited. He ran up to me and headbutted my hand. I knew he was my guy."

It was love at first sight. Mulder looks just like Simon, Adam's first orange cat.

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

"I'm so glad I found him! He's a feisty prankster with a good sense of humor who loves/demands treats. He's my little man!" Adam told Love Meow.

They cuddle with each other every single day without fail! "He likes to sit next to me and purrs very loudly!"

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

"He's a trickster and he loves to play a lot."

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

"Our bond is pretty strong. He does not like I be left alone too long."

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

Mulder showing his human dad the fascinating cat TV.

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

Who needs cat beds when the kitty has his human to nap on!

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

Mulder will be six years old this October. They have spent five very happy years together filled with cuddles.

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

Mulder the cat said:

"Adam adopted me and rescued me from a lonely life on the streets of NYC. And I rescued him from boredom... We are best friends."

Courtesy: Mulder the Cat @muldercatnyc

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