Man's Passion for Cats

Man's Passion for Cats


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Ponkan from Kyoto, Japan has made many fur friends from the street, parks, and various locations for many years. He is in love with the animals. Before he could have one, he spent a lot of time in the outdoors with many stray, feral cats, playing with them, giving them treats and taking photos of them to remember them by. Whenever he spots a cat, he will turn his head and stop for them. Though what he can do is very limited for these cats, he is doing whatever he can to be there for them as a friend.

Ponkan just got married recently to someone who has two cats. They renovated their home so it is cat friendly yet still maintains the traditional Japanese Kyo-Machiya style. The black kitty is named Noa and the black and white cat is named Mick.

Ponkan has a passion for all the felines. No matter they are from the street or his own home, he loves them and cares about them. To him, they are all his friends that he will cherish for life. Below are more photos of Ponkan's furry friends.

Photos courtesy of ©Ponkan.

photo by ©Ponkan

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