Meet the Bunny Cats - Seven Manx Kittens Find a Foster Home


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Seven very fluffy kittens came to their foster home not too long ago. These little ones have a lot of growing to do. Meet the Bunny Cats.

"Three girls, four boys, about a month old. They are Manx kittens," the foster mom wrote via instagram.

Felix the resident cat is helping his mom to babysit the kitties.

WATCH VIDEO: Seven fluffy Manx kitties having their first Christmas at their foster home.

It's a snuggle fest. All seven kittens and their babysitter Felix the cat (the one with a fluffy tail).

WATCH VIDEO: It's hard to tell where Felix ends and Sawyer begins.

Spooning Level: Expert.

WATCH VIDEO: Sleepy Bunny Cats.

The kitties love their foster dad Felix.

Seven purr motors purring away.

Follow these kitties at @foster_kittens.

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