Men Who Proudly Carry Their Shoulder Cat

Men Who Proudly Carry Their Shoulder Cat


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These men carry their shoulder cats with pride and honor. "Every man should have a mighty kitty."

Kate says: "When we first brought our kitty Squid home, we put him in the cat carrier for the car ride. He attacked the bars until I let him ride on my shoulder inside my jacket, and he was content the rest of the ride. Ever since, he seems to spend most of him time on my shoulder or my husband's."

“…as soon as he heads for the coat rack in the morning before leaving for work, Sassy races over to the back of the couch, purring while he puts on his jacket. Once he has it on, he bends over and she climbs from the back of the couch onto his shoulders, purring all the while,” says blogger from into the dawn.


Patrick C. says: "Bacon has a new favorite place to be when I'm at home."

Skyy wraps around his daddy's neck.

Derek S. says: "This kitten (from Rita B. Huff Humane Society of Walker County) kept wanting to be on my shoulder. What a parrot!"

Ryan H. and his proud shoulder cat.

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