New Fundraising Appeal - Eating Cat Food

New Fundraising Appeal - Eating Cat Food


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Have you ever attempted to eat cat food? It may sound like an unusual idea because we all know what kind of ingredients that go into a can of chicken feast (there is not a lot of chicken breast in it). It is nothing like the chicken we consume at the dinner table.

Would you dare yourself to eat cat food? Not for fun, but for charity?

Daryl Beech, a teenager from Kirriemuir, Angus, shoved a package of chicken chunks "in his mouth" in hopes of raising funds for Cats Protection to help provide food for stray and rescued feline creatures.

Beech was challenged to finish a plate of chicken chunks. By completing the entire serving, Cats Protection, the UK's leading feline welfare charity would receive a significant amount of donation for the charitable cause.

We have seen many types of charity fundraising appeals. Having a "dare" challenge to increase the awareness was the very first.

When Beech learned about what he was up against, he thought about it, but the more he contemplated about it, the more certain he became to take on this challenge.

Though the food was a bit cold, chewy and the gravy was nothing like what he had imagined, Beech managed to finish it and helped raise cash for Cats Protection.

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