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Kitten is Loved in Under a Second by Dog who Thinks He's Part Cat


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On the first day they met, Lester the Siamese kitten was loved by his new canine buddy Ernie in under a second.

Ernie grew up with Siamese cats and thinks he's part Siamese too.

Kitten is loved by a dog as soon as they met.

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

Ernie, a Beagle/Doberman mix, was just a puppy when he befriended Alice the Siamese.

"These two have been best buddies since he was a puppy," said BoldAsBoognish.

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

Ernie took little Lester the kitten under his paws and showered him with all the licks and love he could give.

Lester was completely smitten!

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

Ernie wants to be wherever Lester is. They have been inseparable since day one!

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

Ernie loves his feline friends and thinks Lester could use more love because he's the youngest in the family.

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

All grown up now! They are still snugglin'.

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

Nap time always means cuddle time.

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

"They've been best of friends since the day they met."

Photo: BoldAsBoognish

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