R.I.P. Casper the Commuter Cat

R.I.P. Casper the Commuter Cat


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A cat named Casper became famous ever since he started taking the No3 bus in UK every day for the past four years. His story captivated so many animal lovers. Unfortunately earlier this month, Casper was hit by a running motorbike while he was crossing the road to catch his daily ride.

Casper always came to the bus stop around 10am every day. He sat on the same seat for the 11 mile bus ride for up to an hour before arriving back to the same bus stop. He never needed to pay for the bus fare and everyone who saw him on the bus greeted him as if he was a star.

After traveling about 20,000 miles on the bus, Casper's bus journeys have come to an end. All the bus drivers who were told to look out for the 12-year-old feline bus rider to make sure he would get off at the right stop, are deeply saddened by what happened.

Casper loved people and always queued up in line with other commuters. It was fascinating to see how charmingly Casper lined up with others at the bus stop.

Casper's owner Susan Finden tried numerous times to stop Casper from riding the bus but he was very quick for his age and often went out of the house to catch the bus ride because he loved people and perhaps big vehicles too.

Casper was adopted from a rescue center back in 2002 and started riding the bus in 2005 according to the bus drivers.

Via dailymail.co.uk

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