Sonny a Former Stray and His Story

Sonny a Former Stray and His Story


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Tina Paul from Michigan has a cat that she loves with all her heart. His name is Sonny and here is his story (by Tina Paul):

Sonny showed up on my doorstep in 2002 when I (Tina) was just starting treatments for cancer. I already had my cat, Patty, so I wasn't really wanting another cat. But, my heart went out to this friendly orange cat. He needed me as much as I needed him. Soon he was getting food and water every day and my husband Dave even made him a bed in our garage. When it started to get colder out we decided it was time Sonny was neutered and had his shots, the vet estimated Sonny was about 2 years old. Once Son was released from the vet he was able to move into the house with us. I still remember Sonny walking around, looking at everything as though he didn't know how to act in a house. It didn't take him long to fit in and he's been a big part of our lives ever since.

Sonny loves to go for walks. He's never liked using the litter box so we go for a few walks a day and he uses this time to go potty. It's challenging in the winter with all the snow but it doesn't stop Sonny, he'll sit on the porch and wait until me or Dave take him for his walk! We have a small field beside and behind our house so Sonny and Daisy have free range to run, play and hunt.

When Sonny found us he got more than just a free meal he got a lot of love and we got so much more in return. Sonny and Daisy are such a huge part of our lives. We couldn't imagine our lives without them!

All photos courtesy of Tina Paul (Jetta Girl)

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