Family Won the Heart of a Stray, the Cat Brought Them 5 Tiny Surprises


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It took the family a long time to win the heart of a neighborhood stray. After the cat decided to move in with them, she brought them five tiny surprises.

Meet Mrs. Wigglesworth!

Photo: srad1292

Mrs. Wigglesworth! showed up on a family's deck one day and decided to hang out for a bit. The family put cat food outside, hoping she would take it. She did and finished it all.

The cautious calico cat kept her distance from the family but was happy to have food and water every day.

The family continued to try to befriend the stray cat by setting up a warm bed with blankets so she could feel comfortable staying on the deck. The kitty loved it and just kept coming back.

Photo: srad1292

When they knew their feline friend was getting more and more comfortable with their presence, they opened the door so she could walk in whenever she felt like it. One day, she stepped in and decided to make it her home.

"She (went) from eating on our deck to sleeping on our deck to sitting with us to coming inside to sleeping inside," reddit user srad1292 said.

Photo: srad1292

Soon after she moved in, they noticed her belly started to grow.

"Her belly was getting bigger and bigger... while the rest of her didn't get any bigger."

Then one day she dropped five tiny fur balls into this world.

Photo: srad1292

"She had five kittens - One calico, one that's orange, one that's pure white, and two that maybe are calicos.

Photo: srad1292

Mama was worn out but happy after giving birth to her babies.

Photo: srad1292

One of them is constantly being piled on by her siblings.

Photo: srad1292

When the kittens want a snack, mama Wigglesworth is ready to provide.

Photo: srad1292

The babies keep their mom very busy but Mama absolutely loving and dedicated.

Photo: srad1292

She makes sure no child of hers would go hungry and ungroomed.

Mama Wigglesworth has been spayed and her babies are growing by leaps and bounds. She is happy to have found a loving family.

Photo: srad1292

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