Stray Cat Surprises Shop Owner with Her 7 Babies. 3 of Them are MUCH Smaller


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A stray cat who lives near a shop had given the shop owner quite a surprise. She obviously had given birth and was nursing her kittens., but three of the kittens are much smaller than the others. It seems that they are from two different litters.

Mama busy feeding her seven babies (three tiny ones and four bigger ones).

"These kittens belong to a stray that lives near my father-in-law's pet supply shop, although they are clearly from two different litters - we have no idea why," Attofoxy shares via YouTube.

They don't know how mama ended up with three kittens that are half of the size of their bigger siblings, but one thing they know for sure - mama gives them all the equal amount of love.

They welcomed the mama into their shop so she could find safe shelter for her babies. "Mummy is happy for the kittens to live in the shop, although she is still pretty feral. We will look for homes for the kittens and (hopefully) adopt the mum and have her de-sexed," they wrote.

Watch the full video here:

After feeding, the kittens are ready for a cat nap. The family is helping mama look after her babies while she is taking a break.

Watch the full video here:

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