Stray Cat Decided to Have Kittens Outside Apartment Complex and Her Life Was Turned Around

Stray Cat Decided to Have Kittens Outside Apartment Complex and Her Life Was Turned Around


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A stray cat came to an apartment complex to have kittens, and her life was turned around.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Earlier this summer, a Good Samaritan spotted a stray cat under a plant outside an apartment complex (in Corpus Christi, Texas). Upon investigation, they were surprised to find a litter of kittens nestling with the cat.

The stray must have come to the location to give birth as the kittens were very young. She was just skin and bones but continued to nurse her babies. Despite trying desperately to keep them safe, dumpsters were nearby and it was not a good place to raise her young.

When the kind person brought her food, she quickly scarfed it down. They saw the plea for help in her eyes, and took the mama and her kittens home for the night.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The Good Samaritan reached out to their local rescue, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, and asked if they could help. "Our team focuses on street rescues and specifically on cats that are in harm's way or may be in danger," Lindsay Haglund, Foster Coordinator of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

"We try to prioritize mama cats with nursing babies, because baby kittens have a much greater chance of survival if they are raised with the care of their mother, in an indoor environment away from predators and the natural elements."

cat mom, kittens, nursingCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

The rescue sprang into action and arranged a foster home for the deserving little family.

Mary, a volunteer of the rescue and a pediatrician in a local hospital, picked them up from the apartment complex so the family of six could start a new journey in the comfort of her loving home. "She loves coming home to kittens every night to help her unwind and destress after a long work day."

cuddle, tabby kitten, sweet catCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

The cat mom was overjoyed to finally bid farewell to life on the street and have a caregiver who caters to their every need.

"Mary has a knack for picking the cutest kitten names, and christened this bunch 'The Breakfast Club Kittens', naming them after some favorite breakfast cereals. Mama Milk has five babies -- Cap'n Crunch, Cocoa Puff, Trix, Cheerio and Frosted Flake."

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

"Milk showed us what a good mama she really was. She loved on her babies and gave them so much attention and affection," Lindsay shared with Love Meow.

Thanks to the timely rescue, they were able to help one of the kittens who needed specialized treatment.

kitten, cute, cat momCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

"One of the kittens, Cocoa Puff (tuxedo), had a milld case of swimmer's syndrome, which is a congenital condition that causes a kitten's legs to splay out in an unnatural position," Lindsay added.

"Their foster mom decided to treat him early on to prevent the problem from getting worse, so she wrapped little splints around his legs to train the muscles back into a normal position. Amazingly, Cocoa Puff made a full recovery!"

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

"If you find a cat nursing her babies outdoors, it helps tremendously to provide mama with food, water and some kind of shelter, so that she can nurse her babies in safety, and she doesn't have to wander very far in search of food," the rescue said.

"If you're able to provide her an indoor spot to nurse (such as a garage or spare bathroom), it's even better! We can all make a difference in helping the outdoor cats in our community."

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

"Mama Milk has been such a good mom to her babies. Each of her kittens has a unique personality and all of them are incredibly loving and affectionate."

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The little family really blossomed in foster care. The kittens grew by leaps and bounds and turned into quite the cuddle-bugs.

hug, best friends, cute kittensCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

Once they were big enough for adoption, they were quickly snatched up by good families.

Cheerio has a pair of concerned kitty eyes that no one can say no to.

concerned kitten, shark bed, cute catCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

Mama Milk has happily retired from motherhood and is still waiting for a place of her very own. She is available for adoption via The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas.

"She is a very special kitty with a lot of love to give."

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

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