Talkative Siamese Kitten

Talkative Siamese Kitten


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I love talkative kitties. You will never be bored around them. You can talk to them about anything and they will respond. The most talkative cat breed is probably the Siamese. They are able to make a whole gamut of different sounds. Some of them sound almost like human voices.

Cats love to communicate with us via speaking. However, if you observe their behavior with other cats, they do not speak as much. The reason for that is because we, the humans, are not keen to their subtle gestures or signs that they use to communicate with their own peers, so cats often use their vocal skills to let us know what they want. In other words, they do not think we are smart enough to understand their sign language, so they try to talk to us.

The Siamese kitten from the video is a delight to watch. Click play to check it out:

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