Teeny Tiny Bundle of Cute

Teeny Tiny Bundle of Cute


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A little bundle of joy is kept warm and cozy. Wendy took in 5 orphan kitties. This tiny bitty one is the only calico in her litter. She is snoozing after a big meal.

"Five baby kittens were found on our school playground on Wednesday afternoon. Mama kitty left them in a little outdoor kitchenette. Our custodian handed them over to animal control before anyone knew what was happening! I couldn't let this happen so I brought them home with me. We have been having tons of funs but not getting tons of sleep. These kittens require food every 4 to 5 hours and lots of help going potty! Tired (but) it is well worth it," Wendy said on her blog.

Kudos to Kirsten and Wendy for caring and finding homes for the kitties. Photo courtesy of ©Kirsten W (flickr).

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