The Flour Kittens

The Flour Kittens


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Cookie, Terror and Edvard were found on Assalah Square in Dahab (Sinai Peninsula), Egypt. "Opening the eyes in Dehab is not always pleasant." They were 10 - 12 days old at the time covered in flour when discovered. "The kittens were dropped next to a broken pack of flour which somebody left on street. When we rescued them, we found them crawling cross the flour, desperately trying to reach the shades of a street light. The flour was everywhere, in their eyes ears, noses."

In just one day after their rescue, the three little muffins had already learned how to drink from a feeding bottle. They are getting stronger and healthier, showing such a strong will to live.

Edvard has a huge voice. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and led rescuers to him right away. He is quite smart and is the first one who figured out how to use the bottle.

Terror the only black kitten is the runt of the litter. She chows down the kitten formula like there is no tomorrow. After feeding, she is always happy and very satisfied.

Cookie is the most fuzzy one who may grow up with long hair. He has begun to show a little tiny mohawk on his back.

"Every day the weight of the flour-gang has to be checked. A healthy kitten puts on more or less 10g per day at this age. So we want to make sure that they receive enough food and digest properly," said their foster parent.

It's been 8 days since they moved into their foster home. The three musketeers are becoming more and more mobile. They venture out of their basket to explore and play. It's going to be many busy weeks ahead for the foster parents, but they are loving every second of it.

Photos courtesy of Home Wanted - A Dahab Diary (flickr: shnick-shnack).

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