The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat


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The Norwegian Forest Cat has a beautiful, thick, luxurious, water-proof double layered coat. They are fluffy from tip to toe with tufts of hair around the ears and in between their toes. Their tail is bushy like a huge brush. They use it to wrap around them when they sleep to prevent getting cold from the weather.

It is said that these long haired cats explored the world with the Vikings, working as mousers for the grain stores. Domestic breeding of the Norwegian Forest Cat started in 1930 by farmers in Scandinavia. They were named Skogkatt which means forest cat in Norse.


Norwegian Forest cats are one of the largest natural breeds, smaller than the Maine Coon. A male Norwegian Forest Cat can weight from 13 - 22 pounds where a female cat weighes about half of a male cat.

These cats are very affectionate and love companionship. They will be happy to sit alongside you or nap with you. They are excellent with children, dogs and other cats if introduced to them early.




flickr/quatre mains

flickr/quatre mains

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