They Heard Meows of Struggle and Found a Tiny Runt in the Garden


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A young woman heard meows of struggle from the garden and saw a tiny motherless kitten. She scooped him up and he became family.

Meet Toph!

Courtesy: OhNuggins

"I heard meows of struggle out in the garden, maybe 10 yards away from the house near our porch," Nuggins (OhNuggins) told Love Meow.

A neighbor's dog wasn't so friendly to the little kitten. "I snatched him out of the dirt away from our neighbor's chocolate lab... (When I) revealed him to my boyfriend, all he had to say was, 'Well we do need an indoor cat,' and I rushed inside to rinse off the dirt."

It turns out that the kitten was born to a feral cat in the neighborhood.

Courtesy: OhNuggins

"We discovered that his litter totals 6 kittens. When we found out the siblings, they were about twice his size and much more mobile," she told Love Meow.

It's likely that the mother cat didn't think the little runt was strong enough to survive so abandoned him. The couple is in the process of trapping and getting the whole family fixed with help from Maui Humane Society.

Courtesy: OhNuggins

They took the kitten to the vet and had him treated for ringworms and ear mites.

"He's much stronger now... He's getting feisty!"

Courtesy: OhNuggins

At 5 weeks, Toph is much smaller than his age. But the little tabby is so happy to have someone to snuggle with.

Courtesy: OhNuggins

Toph keeps surprising his humans with all the napping spots he finds.

Courtesy: OhNuggins

He is loving his new home!

Courtesy: OhNuggins

The tiny runt has become quite attached to his rescuer, now forever human.

Courtesy: OhNuggins

Already he's turned himself into a lap cat, and he can't wait to grow bigger.

"I may be tiny, but I have a big heart!"

Courtesy: OhNuggins

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