Cat Has to Put Her Paws on Everything, Her Human Documents It in Photos


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This tuxedo cat has a habit of putting her paws on things whenever she lies down or just chills. It looks as if she is constantly reminding her humans she owns everything she touches while vegging out.

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"She's very active, and happy. She's just a little drama queen and loves stretching out when she's laying around," reddit user cosmosomsoc said.

However, the little feline doesn't let her human touch her paws without purrmission.

"I try to hold them all the time but she yanks them away and then gives me the same look she's giving in this picture."

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"This is my bed."

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"You don't need this phone. It's mine now."

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"My couch."

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"My nightstand."

Photo: cosmosomsoc

"They are all mine!"

Photo: cosmosomsoc

A bit far? She reaches out with her hind leg to reinforce her ownership.


Photo: cosmosomsoc

She just has to have her paws on things! All the things! Share the cute!

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