Fluffy Norwegian Cat Loves Hiking and Skiing with His Human!


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Meet Jesperpus, a two year old Norwegian Cat, who loves doing outdoor adventures with his human mom. He moved into his new home in November, 2013. That's when they discovered his love for adventures.

Courtesy of Jesperpus

Jesperpus was about three months old when Aina Nynmoen Stormo adopted him from a friend. "He only knows his mother and has no idea about his father," Einar Nymoen told Love Meow.

The two share a very special bond.

"She has a backpack where he likes to sleep in. Jesperpus loves to run besides her when they are outside. Once he's done running, he jumps in her backpack," Nymoen said.

The fluffy ginger boy behaves almost like a dog, and loves hiking and skiing with his human mom.

Asides from his outdoor adventures, Jesperpus also helps other animals in need through Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge.

Jesperpus enjoying the view of winter!

Courtesy of Jesperpus

He loves hiking and skiing with his human mom.

Courtesy of Jesperpus

Little furry explorer!

Courtesy of Jesperpus

He's an adventurous cat throughout the year!

Courtesy of Jesperpus

Jesperpus found his very own cat tree!

Courtesy of Jesperpus

His best horse buddy! They adore each other.

Courtesy of Jesperpus

So fluffy!

Courtesy of Jesperpus

Watch Jesperpus in this video:

Going on a ride with his human mom. (watch video)

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