The Joy When Mama Cat Gets Adopted Together with Her Kitten


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They adopted a mama cat and her kitten together from the shelter so they could stay inseparable forever.

Mama cuddling with her baby at their forever loving home.

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

Kittens often get adopted much quicker than adult cats. That leaves many rescue cat mamas waiting after their babies have gone to their forever homes.

"I adopted a momma cat and her kitten from the SPCA," reddit user nineteen_eightyfour said. When they saw the bond between the cat mom and her baby, they knew they had to go together.

The little tabby girl always clings to her mother and the momma cat watches over her baby like a precious jewel.

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

Exploring their cat tree at their loving home. Mama teaching her baby how to play like a big kitty!

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

When mama naps, her kitten follows.

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

Mama watches her baby grow into a gorgeous cat. She's very proud!

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

The happiness when they have each other. The two are totally inseparable.

Photo: nineteen_eightyfour

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