This is What Her Human Woke Up to This Morning...


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It was early in the morning, this kitty's human woke up to what appeared to be the end of her greenery she planted just a week ago. The suspect was right there with her, purring away.

"This is what I woke up to today. Thanks, Scraps," reddit user Amyzonian shares.

Photo: Amyzonian

As her human shook her head in disbelief, looking at the perilous plant, her cat casually popped her head out and offered her the usual morning greeting but with a smug look.

"She's guilty and she's proud."

Photo: Amyzonian

"She's potentially got a lot of Maine Coon blood. She was rescued from a bad situation at around 1-2 years old and may have been malnourished, which would explain her stunted size. She's only about 8 lbs."

Every time her human plants grass, she gets a kick out of it.

"I planted oat grass for the cat to snack on (6 months ago), she decided it makes a good bed."

Photo: Amyzonian

Despite what happened this morning, most of the time, Scraps wakes up her human in a much less destructive manner.

"She wakes me up by bringing me a toy and waiting for me to throw it for her. Then she plays fetch while I'm too lazy to get out of bed. She's a good cat."

Photo: Amyzonian

Scraps has quite a personality and constantly keeps her humans entertained. You never know what trick she's going to pull next, but it will be fun, cute and leave you with a smile.

Photo: Amyzonian

How does your kitty wake you up in the morning? Share the cute!

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