Tortoiseshell Daddy's Lap Kitty

Tortoiseshell Daddy's Lap Kitty


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Kitty is a tortoiseshell and daddy's lap cat. She is a big cat in her family (neko mansion) weighing 11.7 lbs (5.3kg). "Kitty does not look fat at all. She has a big round neck and pudgy legs, but they are mostly muscles," said Faureing, Kitty's mommy.

"About how Kitty got her muscles from, I guess she has been jumping up and down things all the time. I placed a cat house on top of a large shelf. Kitty likes to go there and takes multiple trips every day, thus the strong built body."

Kitty is 11 years old and is a very gentle and sweet girl. She has become more and more affectionate in the past several years and is a big daddy's girl. She loves to sit on her daddy's lap whenever he is in front of the computer.

Photos courtesy of ©Faureing.

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