Tuxedo Kitten Holds onto Rescuer and Won't Let Go


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When they found this tiny tuxedo kitten, she held onto her rescuer and wouldn’t let go.

Kitten fell asleep in her rescuer's hand.

Photo by Mo Zhu

Mo rescued this tiny ball of fur who was so young that she could barely meow. The little tuxedo girl was in need of a bath and a lot of love. When Mo took her home, the kitten clung to her like a baby to their mom.

"Being with her makes me the happiest person in the world," said Mo.

Photo by Mo Zhu

She clung to her rescuer and gave out her first purr!

Photo by Mo Zhu

After just a few hours, her ears perked up and purrsonality came out!

Photo by Mo Zhu

She pointed her tail upright. It was time to explore!

Photo by Mo Zhu

"This is my home meow!"

Photo by Mo Zhu

They cleaned her up and gave her a home.

Photo by Mo Zhu

She snuggled up to her rescuer and gave her a hug with gratitude.

Photo by Mo Zhu

What rescuing can do! Share this cute story!

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