Woman Takes a Chance on a Lost Kitten, What a Difference a Day Makes.


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A dirty stray kitten was wandering around an apartment complex all by himself until a young woman saved him. What a transformation in just one day!

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

A kind woman spotted a tiny homeless kitten hanging out at the bottom of their stairs. She had seen feral cats around the area but this little thing was covered in burrs and dirt.

"We gave him some chicken but (he) couldn't catch it," violetohara said via tumblr. She knew the kitten was in poor shape. With help from her downstairs neighbor, they managed to catch the kitten, and gave him a comfy towel to snuggle with while she tried to comb and pick the burrs and sticks out of his fur.

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

The kitten was scared but as soon as she started helping him ease the discomfort from the burrs, he calmed down immediately, snuggling in her arms and feeling comforted.

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

"(We) got the fleas and dirt washed off him, got some antibiotics for a slight cold, but he was otherwise fine, kneading and purring up a storm, eating a lot and being heart-crushingly adorable."

Kitty's first vet visit.

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

They cleaned up the kitten and got him vetted. In just one day, he totally transformed. "What a difference a day makes!"

She named the little rescue fur baby Nux and gave him all the love in the world.

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

Nux settled in her lap and looked up into her eyes as if he was saying, "Thank you for saving me."

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

Nux was given a second chance when he was lost. Now all grown up, he loves nothing more than cuddling with his rescuer, now forever human.

Photo: violetohara/tumblr

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