Stray Kitten Interrupts Live Newscast, Meowing for Help

Stray Kitten Interrupts Live Newscast, Meowing for Help


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A tiny stray kitten interrupted a live television report, meowing for attention. The crew stepped up to help.

Meet their little surprise guest!

YouTube/WXYZ Channel 7

While WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe was doing a live shot this morning, a tiny furry friend decided to crash the show. As much as the crew wanted to stay on the topic at hand, the kitten's meowing and running around the reporter made it impossible for them to continue without giving the kitten the spotlight she deserved.

Little surprise guest, Lucky 7!

The kitty was found all alone and the news crew knew they had to do something to help the little stray.

"Not only is he vocal. seems to like expensive cars." Nima Shaffe said.

After the crew managed to catch the kitten, help was on the way.

Shaffe proudly introduced their little surprise guest to the anchors.

Watch the video here:

The kitty was given a tour in the van and she inspected all the equipment.

Getting some cuddles from the Washtenaw County Sheriff.

Humane Society of Huron Valley took in the little playful kitten and is in the process of finding her a forever loving home.

"In honor of the WXYZ-TV Channel 7 rescue team, she's been named 'Lucky 7'," HSHV said.

Photo: HSHV Cruelty Rescue

Share this story with your friends! If you are interested in adopting Lucky 7, you can visit Humane Society of Huron Valley's Website or Facebook page.

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